Discover the precision and versatility of waterjet aerospace product cutting with IRWaterjet's 'What Are You Cutting?' section. Explore the art of cutting aerospace materials and metals with waterjets and the IRWaterjet advantage.

Aerospace Cutting
Aerospace Cutting
  • Waterjet Cutting for Aerospace Metals

    IRWaterjet's high-pressure, premium-quality replacement components support waterjet equipment, allowing customers to cut a wide range of metals. Our metal-cutting technology is perfect for all your metal-cutting needs, including cutting aerospace products.

  • What Makes Waterjet Cutting Unique?

    Waterjet cutting offers many unique advantages over similar technologies, such as plasma or laser cutting, because it does not generate heat when in use, can be used to cut various hard or soft metals, can cut metal with pinpoint precision, is an environmentally friendly technology, and more.

    When choosing waterjet cutting for aerospace products, its value and benefits are unmatched compared to other cutting technologies. Waterjet can cut with pinpoint precision when working with large components of aerospace projects. Additionally, the waterjet can cut through blocks of aerospace metal up to 18 inches thick. Discover other invaluable advantages of waterjet cutting for all your aerospace projects.

  • No Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ)

    Unlike other cutting methods, waterjet cutting does not produce a heat-affected zone (HAZ), which can cause warping or distortion of certain materials like sensitive metals that metallurgical properties will change when exposed to excessive temperatures.

    Waterjet cutting helps to maintain these temperature-sensitive materials' structural integrity and ensures high-quality results. When working with aerospace products, the integrity and reliability of the final result are very important. Waterjet cutting eliminates any potential warping on the metals, making it the ideal cutting solution for any aerospace project.

  • Versatility of Waterjets

    Another critical advantage of waterjet cutting is its ability to cut through various metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and more exotic metals like titanium and Inconel. The versatility of cutting materials makes waterjet cutting an excellent solution for a wide range of industrial uses, including aerospace, automotive, and more.

    The adaptability of waterjets is also another reason they are valuable tools, especially when cutting intricate or small designs. Aerospace waterjet cutting metal applications includes cutting thin, thick, rigid, or soft metal because of its incredible versatility.

  • Precision Cutting

    Waterjet cutting metal is so accurate that it can achieve pinpoint precision cuts, even with tolerances as constricted as 0.001 inches. Waterjet technology reigns superior when cutting complex shapes and designs, from gears machine components and custom designs used in aerospace projects.

  • Reduced Material Waste

    Waterjet cutting helps you make extremely fine cuts using a narrow stream of water. Therefore, reducing material waste and making it a more environmentally friendly technology. Furthermore, it is a more responsible choice for metal cutting because waterjet cutting does not produce harmful fumes, gases, or waste products.

  • Experience the IRWaterjet Difference

    IRWaterjet's advanced waterjet technology gives those working with aerospace products the advantage of precision cutting, versatility, and sustainability. We are committed to delivering high-quality waterjet components so you can complete all your metal-cutting projects efficiently and effectively.

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