Metal Cutting
Metal Cutting

Waterjet Cutting for Metals

IRWaterjet is the premier supplier of high-quality aftermarket parts to replace KMT, Flow, and H20 high-pressure waterjet parts. Our team offers 100-plus years of expertise in engineering and manufacturing in the waterjet field and is committed to helping you finish the job, increasing productivity, and lowering costs.

Our available waterjet cutting equipment includes a comprehensive selection of replacement parts and accessories for Flow®, H20 high-pressure waterjet parts, KMT® spare parts, and more. Our waterjet replacement parts offer the precision and versatility required for all your waterjet metal cutting projects. Discover the unique advantages of waterjet cutting in our article below.

What Are the Unique Advantages of Waterjet Cutting?

IRWaterjet offers high-pressure water-cutting metal equipment, providing many advantages over similar technologies such as plasma or laser cutting. A popular choice for many metal manufacturers and suppliers, waterjet cutters do not generate heat when used, can be used to precision cut a variety of metals in various thicknesses, help reduce material waste, and more.

No Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ)

A primary advantage to waterjet metal cutting is that no heat is generated when it is used during the cutting process. A no-heat-affected zone (HAZ) is critical when working with metal easily affected by heat, as some sensitive metal’s metallurgical properties will change when exposed to excessive temperatures.

Versatility of Waterjets

The versatility and adaptability of waterjets are also another reason they are valuable tools. There are many ways to use a waterjet, including cutting intricate shapes and designs. Waterjet can cut several metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and copper. Whether the metal cutting application includes cutting thin, thick, rigid, or soft metal, the versatility of using waterjet cutting technology is unparalleled.

Precision Cutting

Waterjet cutting metal is so accurate that it can achieve high precision, even with tolerances as constricted as 0.001 inches. When cutting complex shapes and designs, this ideal precision cutting will make all the difference, enabling you to cut metal components like gears, brackets, and frames.

Reduced Material Waste

Using a waterjet cutter over other metal-cutting technologies helps you cut very finely using a narrow stream of water, which helps reduce metal waste. This metal-cutting method is a more sustainable manufacturing process and saves you money. Similarly, waterjet’s environmentally friendly technology does not produce toxic fumes or use gas to work correctly.

Experience the IRWaterjet Difference

At IRWaterjet, we are committed to delivering high-quality waterjet components for all your metal-cutting needs. Our advanced waterjet technology offers customers the precision, versatility, and sustainability exclusive to waterjet metal cutting processes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next waterjet metal-cutting project.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next waterjet metal-cutting project. Contact Us